Unlock PUK for Celcom


Hahaha.. i got this from one website that explain how to get puk number without calling service center. Only for Celcom Users. Please see as below

Langkah-langkah yang perlu diikuti :
remove and see at the back of the sim card
oftenly, there are 3 lines of number
as such:
the required PUK is only 8 number and user need to key in 8 number backward
refering to the example, the 8 digit that is required is 87654376
dont forget to key in the new pin number after unlock


  1. it works like a charm! thanks mate! :)

  2. Can somebody help me pleaseee :(

  3. wow! nice.... ok... thanks for helping.. really!

  4. perlu pertolong sangat-sangat..
    ada cara lain x selain mengunakan cara tengok belakang card @ gune telefon celcome lain ?

  5. sya dh maskkan puk no ... dia minta masuk pin no ... tp no pin apa yg kna masukan lak ...???

  6. It works aftr i key in the number backwards. Thn i need to key in the sim pin. I type in 1234. Aftr tht, it said tht i need to verify my new pin. So i enter 1234 again , but thn CODE ERROR!
    Just wht on earth is tht??!!
    Help me please~~ :(


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